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The Groundbreaking Esencia K-8 Breaks Ground

They haven’t even started kindergarten yet, but an excited crew of kids donned graduation caps as they pitched in at the recent Esencia K-8 groundbreaking ceremony. Wielding shovels, they helped kick off construction as parents, Esencia residents, community leaders and even the school’s future principal looked on.

It was a fitting way to launch the new K-8, which Capistrano Unified School District anticipates opening at Esencia in 2018. After all, in years to come, many of these junior construction workers will be part of the school’s first graduating class. As students of Esencia K-8, they’ll receive state-of-the-art academic instruction in classrooms featuring integrated WiFi and high-tech audiovisual equipment. Esencia K-8 will focus on innovation, dynamic learning and technology, and the 14-acre campus is designed with several leading-edge features, including a modular Innovation Center to replace the traditional library.

But it won’t all be class work. When it comes time for recess, sports and physical education, Esencia K-8 students will also enjoy school-time access to The Pavilion, an expansive recreational area adjacent to the school that will boast a fully equipped gymnasium with regulation-sized basketball courts and stadium seating for 300. Softball and soccer, adjoining athletic fields, are also under construction and will provide great places to play in Esencia. The Pavilion, like the school, is slated for completion in Summer 2018.

“Esencia K-8 will be the very first school built on The Ranch—specifically designed to accommodate students from the villages of Sendero and Esencia,” says Dan Kelly, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Communications and Governmental Relations for Rancho Mission Viejo, LLC.

It’ll also be the first new school built in the San Juan Capistrano School District in a decade.

And to think, it all started with a bunch of cute kids and some shovels.