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Looking for a spot to slow down? Meditate on these.

Throughout every Esencia home and all across the village you’ll find special places to steal a few moments to yourself. Some are as close as your spa bathtub, others are an escape all on their own. Join us on a tour of some retreats that make achieving a touch of inner peace a little easier.

Stunning views from rooftops.
Taking in a horizon view from a rooftop deck always puts things into perspective.


One of Briosa's deep luxurious spa tubs
Sink into the easy luxury of a spa tub.


Watering the crops down on the Esencia Farm
Working the land at Esencia Farm offers a welcome break from technology.


Tricycle racing for pinks
Nothing helps you leave the day behind like taking a spin around the neighborhood.


The sound of water has been a proven stress reducer for centuries.


Oak Canyon Hiking - backyard hiking
The quiet of Oak Canyon can help you leave a whole lot behind.


Lose yourself in the warm glow of a personal firepit.


Drift way, literally, in one of many Esencia pools.


Selfie with the whole neighborhood
Sometimes your Street Tribe is the best stress reliever around.
A great view, great friends and a nice bottle of wine are the perfect recipe for relaxation.