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3 Habits to Form This Year for Optimal Well Being

The month of January optimistically comes with expectations, goals, and visions of barely dressed salads. It’s a hopeful time. But, it tends to be an unrealistic time.

If you’re finding yourself hitting the resolution wall this year, we have three habits to help you kick the doubt and start building a sustainable lifestyle around diet and exercise. Keep in mind that these aren’t resolutions. They’re habits. It takes 21 days to form a good habit (and a lifetime to reap the benefits). Here are three to re-inspire your 2019 goals. 

1. Build Functional Strength at F45 Training

To strengthen your body, prevent injury, and increase your flexibility, focus on functional exercise. A functional exercise is anything that mimics the movement you naturally do in your daily life. Think: squatting, lifting, pulling.

This is exactly what F45 masters in their cardio and strength training programs that take up all of 45 minutes of your day.

You can get your free week here to try it out.  But beware, its addicting!!

Kendra, one of our favorite trainers at F45 in Sendero Marketplace, gave us tips for one of her tried-and-true favorites: The Kettlebell Squat.

  1. Pick up your kettlebell and hold it at chest level. It should be cradled within your biceps, forearms, and shoulders.
  2. Take a deep breath in and squat down, taking care to keep your knees at 90 degrees or above.
  3. Exhale and power back up through your heels to a standing position.
  4. That’s 1. Do a handful every day. (Come perfect your form at F45.)

As most of you know, Sendero Marketplace kicked it up a notch when F45 joined the lineup last October. It’s quickly become a favorite for those who crave something different and effective. Drawing from 4,000 proven exercises, F45 builds workouts that never appear twice. That means your body is constantly challenged and you’re constantly motivated.

All that challenge and motivation comes with a good dose of hunger. And after your fierce calorie burn, you’re going to need fuel. In order to give your body the best recovery, you need to fuel it right.

We happen to have a couple of experts on the subject right here on The Ranch.

Our farmhands had a lot to say when we asked them for healthy eating tips. But, instead, we cherry-picked the top two food rules for you here:

2. Follow the Ultimate Food Rule

If it came from a plant, eat it.

If it was made in a plant, don’t.

These days, supermarkets clutter the shelves with packaged foods claiming to be healthy. Those claims are often misleading and unsubstantiated. You know who doesn’t play games? Mother Nature. If it came from the ground, you have our full blessing to fill your plate and go back for a second helping. If it comes in a package, try to avoid it. Unnecessary sugars, oils, and preservatives dampen your health.

3. Break Up With Your Grocery Store (just a little bit)

The more you shop at farmers markets, the more you’ll avoid the temptation of buying (and eating) processed foods you’ll find at supermarkets. Pick up your staples at your local grocery store, but make it a habit to stop by your local farmers market every week for fruits and vegetables. The options here are often organic, affordable, delicious, and irresistibly colorful. Fill your fridge with real food and that’s what will end up on your plate.

That reminds us, we’re due for a plate of vegetables and some F45 right now.

This year, we raise our glass (of water) to your health. Go forth, do your kettlebell squats, eat your vegetables, and crush your 2019 goals on The Ranch!

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