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Dogs Of The Ranch

We’re blessed to have incredible residents and adorable pets at Rancho Mission Viejo! Our furry friends have as much fun (if not more!) as our residents, and we love getting the chance to see how the #DogsOfTheRanch are living their best lives.

We’ve received countless photos of dogs enjoying life on The Ranch, and we couldn’t *not* share them with you. Curious what life is like as a dog on The Ranch? Let us show you!

We’ve got your all-access pass. Now let’s get this paw-ty started!

1. Nothing makes the first day cuter than your new 3rd grader and a puppy on the first day of school.

These two were celebrating our brand-new Capistrano Unified School District School. Thanks to Esencia School’s convenient location within Rancho Mission Viejo, parents can even walk their students to school with their dogs in tow.

2. A day at The Hangout is a day well spent—just look at that gorgeous smile!

With ample natural light, a serene water feature and comfortable spaces for relaxing, The Hangout has quickly become one of the top dog destinations at The Ranch. Whether they’re playing fetch or lounging next to their families, The Hangout is a new social hotspot.

3. What community is complete without a dog park?!

South Paw Dog Park not only has one of the most scenic views of the surrounding hillsides, but it also features hoops, tunnels, grassy spaces and more so your pup can easily have fun, any day of the week.

South Paw Dog Park also offers dog watering and washing station. So if your pup has a little too much fun in the dirt or gets thirsty, help is just a few steps away.

4. If your pup needs a little more room to play, venture over to Sendero Field!

Sendero Field offers an ample 15-acre park with a baseball diamond, four pickleball courts, Adventure Play Park for kids, a picnic pavilion and plenty of open grassy areas for a fun game of fetch.

5. Dogs of The Ranch enjoy wide open views and vistas, thanks to the stunning natural backdrop of Rancho Mission Viejo.

With such vast landscapes right outside your front door, it’s easy to get outside and explore nature with your furry friend by your side.

6. The Campout at The Ranch isn’t just for people! Pups love it too.

Thanks to the gorgeous reflective, Casting Pond, open sky, and natural trails, dogs can easily spend a sunny afternoon at The Campout.

7. At The Ranch, there’s always a place for a sunset stroll.

With plenty of designated walking paths, #DogsOfTheRanch can also explore the many neighborhoods and amenities of The Ranch safely and easily.

8. Talk about #SquadGoals!

At Rancho Mission Viejo, a friendly, furry face is around every corner. Needless to say, there is never a shortage of puppy playdates.

9. A “puppaccino” is closer than ever as a Dog Of The Ranch!

Starbucks in Sendero Marketplace serves dogs FREE whipped cream in a cup whenever you order “The Puppaccino.”

But aside from the delicious Starbucks treats, Sendero Marketplace has a number of great retailers (Yogurt Land, Gelson’s, F-45 Training) and sunny spots for sitting outside with your dog after a day of running errands.

11. Sometimes, two is better than one. Especially when it comes to puppies!

The Backyard features 5.5 acres of park lined with family-friendly amenities so you, your pups, and your loved ones can retreat and play any day of the week.

12. Last but not least, we thought it was worth talking about talking about South Paw Dog Park again. Just look at these fun, pup-filled photos!  

We hope you enjoyed seeing how our furry friends experience life on The Ranch. Don’t forget to tag your own pup pictures with #DogsOfTheRanch so we can see and share all of your wonderful adventures!